Meet Ati Williams from Netflix and HGTV

Feb 12, 2024, 19:00 PM

This year, the Des Moines Home + Garden Show is excited to have Ati Williams from Netflix’s “Hack My Home” and HGTV’s “DC Flippers” present on the Rose Farm Inspiration Stage. Williams is a renowned Design-Builder, expertly balancing her roles as a designer, general contractor, real estate developer, business innovator, and philanthropist.


Her influential work and insights have been featured in various esteemed publications and media outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and ABC. As one of the few black women in the construction realm, her passion is a driving force, inspiring the next generation of female builders and entrepreneurs.


So, we wanted to know some tips and tricks for home remodeling inside and out.


What is an outdated home trend you hope doesn’t come back?

I’d prefer not to see the return of overly themed rooms, like entirely nautical or safari-themed interiors. They can feel kitschy and limit creativity in home design. The only exception is for a nursery, and even then, don’t make it so literal.


What home gadget or tool should every homeowner own? What is the most underrated tool in your toolbox? 

A ratchet screwdriver is a must-have home gadget because it is super versatile, efficient, and saves you time. The most underrated tool is a tape measure. Seriously, measure three times people!


What is the best home purchase for under $100?

A light fixture. Switch out the boob lights!




woman wearing a pink dress using a drill gun for a project



What do you recommend as a rule of thumb for mixing patters or materials (i.e. metals) in design and décor projects?

Definitely mix colors, mix patterns, mix metals, mix styles, mix it all. Life is too short for matchy, matchy stuff.


What is your favorite paint color?

White! Yes, boring I know, especially since I am such a colorful person. I like to paint my walls white and then add pops of color. I am also crushing on a moody blue that is almost black.


What’s one outdoor tip that can make a big impact on landscaping or curb appeal?

Power wash your exteriors. It is like giving your house a facelift.


What is one project you tell people to NOT do as DIY?

Your roof! Just kidding- I don’t think anyone would actually do their roof. In general, unless you are only changing a simple light fixture, leave the electrical work to the pros.


woman wearing a pale yellow dress with a pink background behind her


Are you a plant fanatic, or is your green thumb lacking?

Let’s just say I am no longer allowed to purchase any more plants from Trader Joe’s


What’s your favorite HGTV or DIY Network series?

“Hack my Home” on Netflix of course. Not just because I am in it, but because it really speaks to all of us who have space issues and are trying to use our homes as an office, classroom, workout room, etc.


The Des Moines Home + Garden Show returns to the Iowa Events Center for four days, Thursday, February 22 through Sunday, February 25. See Ati Williams on the Rose Farm Inspiration Stage on Friday at 6 p.m. or Saturday at noon.


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