What Happens Before the Build?

Mar 24, 2021, 20:38 PM

You may feel somewhat familiar with the construction portion of a remodel, but what happens before the remodel? What happens after you contact a remodeler and before you’re enjoying your shiny new space? The answer is A LOT, and the detailed nature of these steps often determine the success of the project. Luckily our friends at Red House Remodeling are here to help outline expectations. While all remodelers have their own unique process, here’s what you can generally expect. If you have any more questions, or want to get started on a project, be sure to visit them at the Des Moines Home + Garden Show at booth 1022.

Initial Contact – When you first contact a remodeler, a brief consultation will include discussion on the size and scope of your project, timeline and budget.  The next step is typically an in-home or virtual meeting for further discussion. 

Planning & Design – During the planning stage, a designer will meet in your home, take pictures and measurements, and create design options based upon your remodeling goals. You’ll work together to choose a final design.

Selections – The selection process is the stage during which you choose the finishes also known as the FUN STAGE for most people! 

Site Visit – During the selection stage, remodelers may schedule a site visit so everyone working on the project can become familiar with the site and identify challenges ahead of time so that production runs smoothly. 

Finalize Details & Sign Contract – Once the design and selections are decided, your remodeler will finalize details and create a construction contract.

Pre-Production – Once the contract is signed, your remodeler will begin ordering and assembling materials, creating a schedule for your project, conducting plan reviews with the city, permits and other pre-production work.

Build – This is when things get messy, but exciting! Your new space is coming together. 

Enjoy! - The final stage is where you enjoy and show off your new space!

Contact Red House Remodeling at www.redhouseremodeling.com or 515-222-2273 and we’ll help you Love Your Home!