Things You Should Be Thinking About When Purchasing Window Coverings

Mar 19, 2021, 13:25 PM

The Des Moines Home + Garden Show is a great place to get your home projects started for Spring, but being prepared is the key to having a successful show. When getting ready for home improvent, most people are confused what they need to do before going to their consultation. Purchasing new window coverings is one project that many people are initially under prepared for, as most people aren't aware of what they need to do prior to their consultation. Fortunately, our friends at Great Plains Blind Factory have come up an easy checklist for preparing to purchase new window coverings.

1) What is The Function of The Room?
-Watching TV

Different functions require different types of window coverings. You don’t want to work in an office where it’s too dark or sleep in a room that’s too bright. Declaring the primary function can help narrow down which window coverings will meet your needs.


2) Which Direction Does the Room Face?

Different directions mean different amounts of light during different times of the day. Pro tip, if you don’t have a compass, check your phone. Most smart phones have a built-in compass app.


3) What is Outside the Window?  

Check them out!

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas to take your window coverings to the next level, be sure to visit Great Plains Blind Factory at the 2021 Des Moines Home + Garden Show! You can find them at booth #537.

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The Des Moines Home + Garden Show runs from Thursday, March 25, 2021, to Sunday, March 28, 2021 at the Iowa Events Center. Tickets can be purchased online so you don’t need to wait to get in and chat with the experts!