Turn Ideas into Reality at the Des Moines Home + Garden Show

Mar 12, 2021, 21:50 PM

It’s been quite the year, but we’re excited to be able to hold the Des Moines Home + Garden Show and bring together all the great exhibitors to help you reach your home and garden dreams! The show will run from March 25—28 at the Iowa Events Center. As many homeowners have been spending more time at home and indoors, it’s provided additional time to think about the space around your home and areas that my need improvements or just enhancements! Whether you began a project or just have a boost of inspiration to make some changes—you’ll be sure to find ideas, solutions and resources at the Des Moines Home + Garden Show!

Get Ready to Speak with the Experts!

Before you head out to the show, there are some things you can do to prepare to talk to the home and garden experts.

1. Bring in your photos, samples or even your plans to share with the experts. Instead of trying to talk through your project or challenge, bring it in! It’ll make it easier to explain your vision and ideas to the experts.

2. Review the list of exhibitors. We encourage you check out all the exhibitors and take advantage of the great expertise available right at your fingertips, but it’s not a bad idea to take a look at which companies will be attending the show. There is a virtual showroom available so you can browse through and identify which exhibitors you want to make sure to visit.

3. Find out more about exhibitors before you come. Before you come in to chat with the exhibitors, take a look at their website to get a feel for their products and services.

4. Develop questions that you would like to ask the experts. We don’t want you to forget what questions you were planning to ask, so start making a list and write down the things you want to check out or learn more about! 5. Consider what projects might be coming up this year. Even if you aren’t quite ready to get started, think about projects that you eventually want to get done. Getting background early on will help you feel more prepared and comfortable once you do start the project.

Special Events

We are hosting a couple of special days to help recognize those individuals that have been leading the way through the pandemic.

• HERO DAY - Friday, March 26 - As a thank you to all our heroes on Hero Day, Friday, March 26th! All active and retired military personnel, firefighters, medical professionals, police officers, & other first responders receive FREE ADMISSION all day.

• TEACHER DAY – Sunday, March 28 – We celebrate teachers and school staff for their dedication and service to our children. All educators and school staff will receive FREE ADMISSION with a valid ID on Sunday.

Please note for both of these promotions, the offer does not extend to family members and there is one complimentary ticker per ID. Need more information? If you have additional questions about the Des Moines Home + Garden Show, visit www.desmoineshomeandgardenshow.com. You can find more information on safety guidelines and protocol, a list of exhibitors, and additional venue and event resources. We look forward to seeing you there!