Your Mom’s Jellies and Sauces

Your Mom’s Jellies and Sauces
West Des Moines IA
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Company Description:

My six siblings and I were raised by a single mom who modified and stretch German, Chinese, Italian, and American recipes to feed us all. Ultimately, the flavors and recipes became her own. She is still the love of cooking and us that remains today.

Your mom‘s products are made in memory of Jeannine Clarkson Mathis and all those mothers whose indomitable spirit brought love and joy into their kitchens for others to enjoy.

All our Pepper Jellies are made from peppers grown in our local gardens:

* Italian Herb
* Jalapeno
* Habanero
* Ghost
* Carolina Reaper

New Products

Italian Herb with Rosemary and Fennel, Jalapeno with Lime, Habanero with Apple, Ghost with Mango and Carolina Reaper with Peach.

Holiday Boutique we will offer crochet head gear, quilts and sewing projects.

Certifications & Awards

Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon

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Five Year Exhibitor

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