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Each year brings different weather conditions to Des Moines, giving homeowners a hard time when it comes to planning ahead for drought or wet weather—it’s just too expensive to buy the supplies and plan for everything on your own. At TruGreen Ankeny, we serve thousands of Des Moines residents, so we’re always prepared for anything. We pass our bulk-preparation savings on to our customers through lawn care plans that keep yards ready for what’s coming next.

Healthy Lawn Analysis®.✦ We start off by sending our PhD-certified experts to your yard so they can perform a thorough analysis of your soil and grass problems, including pH balance, insects, weeds and lawn disease.

Weed control. Our specially formatted equipment allows us to apply targeted weed control to the areas of your lawn that need it most without harming healthy areas of grass. Once your weeds are gone, we use pre-emergent herbicides to keep them at bay for good, including Crabgrass, Thistle and Quackgrass.

Insect control. We use a similar two-tiered attack for killing lawn insects like the infamous Chinch Bug, White Grub and Sod Webworm infestations that plague Des Moines lawns each year. First we attack them where they live, stopping any lawn damage dead in its tracks. Then we make sure that they stay away from your lawn in the future. We also offer our perimeter pest solution to keep unwanted bugs like boxelder bugs, crickets, stink bugs from invading your home. We then use a special broom to remove spider webs and wasp nests up to one story high.

Aeration. By removing plugs of grass and soil from your lawn, we’re able to ensure your grass roots get more oxygen water and nutrients, creating a thicker, healthier lawn for you to enjoy. If your lawn has experienced lawn disease damage from Slime Mold, Brown Patch or Pythium, overseeding can be a great way to ensure bare and thinning patches regrow with healthy, disease-resistant grass.

Tree and shrub service. If you have landscaping that you want to protect, our premier service for trees and shrubs will ensure that they are disease- and insect-free—and that they stay that way.

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Perimeter pest solutions to protect your living space.
Mosquito control for your outdoor play area.
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