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Freedom Tree Care
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Freedom Tree Care is your total solution for caring for your trees. It is our goal to help you enjoy the outdoors through expert tree care. We specialize in tree preservation and tree health, helping trees that are struggling or have insect/disease issues and bringing them back to health. We are passionate about the health of the urban forest, and are concerned about the decline of Iowa's trees after several recent major tree events (the derecho, Emerald Ash Borer, etc.).

The urban environment is a harsh place for trees to grow, often with polluted and compacted soils, and limited space for tree roots, putting trees at a disadvantage wherever they are planted. We need healthy trees and they benefit us in so many ways, from environmental benefits of heating and cooling of homes and roadways, reducing air pollution, reducing water runoff, to human emotional benefits of mental relaxation and healing, we need healthy trees surrounding our cities.

Freedom Tree Care works to care for your trees through many different avenues of tree care:
- Plant health care (treatments, insect control, disease management)
- Root care and building healthy soil for trees to live in
- Tree feeding and drought management
- Tree planting
- Tree pruning
- Tree removal (when necessary)

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10% off spring root feeding and drought management treatments.

Certifications & Awards

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA)


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